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We are Kopal, a company committed to producing the finest, most effective, health and wellness products. Our goal is to help people of all ages and sexes achieve their weight management, strength and fitness goals by providing them with the high quality, nutritionally balanced, easy to digest, supplements they need. Using a combination of nutrient-rich natural ingredients and proven, cutting-edge, scientific techniques and technologies, we produce powerful, top quality, nutritional supplements designed to supercharge the body's metabolic function and lead to optimal healthiness and wellness.


An Excellent Team

Our invigorating dietary supplements are researched, designed and produced by an excellent team of experienced, nutritionists, dietitians and medical professionals with specialized training and an encyclopedic knowledge and clear understanding of the connection between a well-balanced diet, good nutritional supplements, regular exercise and optimal healthiness and well being. Our team bases their decisions on the ingredients that go into our nutritional supplements on years of unbiased science-based research into the most effective ways to bolster people's diets and improve their overall fitness using vitamins, minerals and other types of nutrient-rich supplements.


Board-Certified Healthcare And Nutrition Experts

The Kopal team is made up of registered dietitians, certified diabetes educators and a host of other board-certified healthcare and nutrition experts. Backed by a strong science advisory board, we use the results of extensive clinical studies to identify the safest, most effective ingredients to put in our dietary supplements. As a result, we are able to offer some of the most innovative, safest, most powerful products on the market today. Our goal is to put a scientifically-backed combination of dietary supplements into the hands of consumers and help them to get the products they need to improve their nutrition and fitness choices and outcomes.


Accurate Nutrition Information

To help consumers makes the best decisions possible about their dietary supplements, we provide them with information on the growing body of evidence which links proper diet and nutrition to improved weight management and overall fitness. Our overarching goal is to provide consumers with accurate nutrition information and outstanding dietary supplements so they can enhance their level of healthiness and fitness. Our team at Kopal is all about empowering consumers to get the nutrition they need as easily as possible.


Product Development

We develop unique, nutrient-rich, high quality supplements that help with weight control, heart healthiness, digestion, low energy, debilitating stress and many other issues using naturally sourced ingredients. We extract the amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the fiber, juice, pulp, oil and tissue, of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other natural sources. All of our supplements are third-party tested, clinically proven, GMP certified and non-GMO. Plus, they are pure and don't contain any fillers or stearates. They combine the best of nature and science.


Developing Exceptional Products

We employ a meticulous, painstaking, lengthy, process to produce our exceptional dietary supplements. We believe the well-being of our customers is too important to give them anything less than the very best. We invest as much time and resources as we do because we want to make sure all of our dietary supplements meet and exceed our very high standards for safety and effectiveness. Providing our customers with the best, most nutrient-rich products possible is our first priority. Our development and production methods meet the most stringent criteria to ensure our products are worthy of our clients' trust.


Essential, Bioavailable, Nutrients

We gladly incur any additional costs and invest as much time, thought and energy as necessary to ensure the products we develop are exceptional and can safely help our customers meet their nutritional needs. We are committed to developing the highest quality supplements possible because we understand the dire need for effective dietary supplements that exists in the marketplace. People's fitness and well-being is at stake and we will do nothing less than our best to make sure the products we create have the essential, bioavailable, nutrients people need for optimal fitness and vitality.


A Commitment To Quality

All of our product development efforts reflect our commitment to quality. We hire well-educated, knowledgeable, specially-trained, experienced, dietitians, scientists and nutrition experts. We invest in the latest, most effective, labs, technologies, facilities and production methods. We do years of rigorous clinical and product safety and efficacy testing. All of this is part of our commitment to synthesizing the best products possible. Producing dietary supplements people depend on to help meet their nutritional needs and bolster their fitness is a responsibility we don't take lightly. It fuels our unending commitment to producing quality products.


Product Quality

A growing number of people realize their regular daily diet doesn't meet all their nutritional needs. To make up for this nutrition deficit, many people turn to our nutrient-rich dietary supplements. That means they depend on our products to provide the nutrients they need to attain and maintain a healthy mind and body and to help them have the strength and energy to handle their daily responsibilities. That's why product quality is so important to us. The fitness, strength and vitality of a growing number of people depends on us developing products that are of exceptional quality. Doing so is a mission to which every member of our staff is totally committed and on which we are all focused.


Quality Ingredients

The first step to ensuring product quality is using excellent, nutrient-rich ingredients. Our team searches the world over to find the best natural ingredients to use in our products. We use fruits, vegetables, herbs and more bursting with the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients the body needs to be strong and healthy. We are extremely selective in where our ingredients are sourced to ensure they are safe and filled with the nutrients people need. We use the highest quality ingredients from land and sea to make sure the dietary supplements we produce will be very effective.


Effective, Efficient, Processes

Once we have gathered the highest quality, nutrient-rich ingredients, the next step in creating our outstanding products is the process of blending them together to create the quality dietary supplements for which we are known. Our team of amazing registered dietitians, nutrition specialists and healthcare professionals work together with our talented, experienced, technicians, researchers and scientists to create the most effective, efficient, safe, processes for synthesizing superior ingredients into exceptional products. Our team has perfected a process that produces supplements packed with a wide range of powerful, bioavailable, nutrients that are quickly released into the bloodstream to help meet the body's nutritional needs.


What Our Products Do

Our goal is to create quality dietary supplements that help people attain and maintain optimal healthiness, wellness and vitality and enjoy healthier, happier, lives. The naturally-sourced, proven ingredients in our nutrient-rich, outstanding, premium quality supplements have played a number of important roles in improving the quality of people's well-being and their lives. Some of the ways our products continue to help people is by:


  1. Helping The Body Produce Diindolylmethane or DIM
  2. Acting As A Menopause Supplement
  3. Helping Provide Hormonal Balance
  4. Help Reduce Menopausal Symptoms
  5. Providing Assistance With Weight Loss
  6. Being An Effective Acne Treatment


A Very Important Role

Our high quality dietary supplements are valuable assets playing important roles in helping to improve people's fitness, well-being and quality of life. They help people's bodies to produce the compound DIM, which can potentially provide several very important healing benefits. Taken as a menopause supplement, our products are able to help restore and maintain hormonal balance. Plus, our dietary supplements also serve as an effective estrogen blocker and acne treatment. Many clinical studies have shown that the quality ingredients in the supplements we produce make them very effective in helping people of all ages reach and maintain their weight loss goals.