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Kopal Nutrition

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This product is GMO free and Gluten free so I'm ordering it again.

So far I have not had any problems with this product. It's time to order another bottle; which I will gladly do. I have not had any hot flashes since I started this product. A great big Thanks Kopal!!!!!

Deleanor L.

I can tell a difference and have menopausal relief

This is the only thing I have ever taken for menopause, but I do feel like it is helping me hormonally. Since I have nothing to compare it to, I am giving it 5 stars, and because I do feel a difference. Menopause Stinks, so anything to help, I haven't been having the hot flashes like I was and things are more regulated, and all this seems to help my mood and mental state of mind. It is worth giving it a try it is helping me.

Trina A.

Really seems to help with rest and energy

I’ve tried a couple of similar supplements that I couldn’t tell a difference with. This one really seems to help. I’m resting better, I feel better, and life is just more pleasant in general since I’ve been taking it. I’ll be buying this again.

L. Lewis

DIM Menopause Complex

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